This is the home of mrklintscher. Sorry for the bad design. My skills in webdesign and layout things are very sick!

But i hope you love my apps and hacks ... check it out :)

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You are thinking about founding a fintech??? Read about my HBCI library libfintx.


Project name: H1dra mp3 Downloader

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Maybe you know this app as AV Music Downloader, Easy Music Recorder, Minimal mp3 Downloader, Mp3 Music Downloader Core, Simple Play and Download Music, Simple Mp3 Music Downloader, Simple Mp3 Downloader Lite, TSPMD and so on on so on... All these apps are subsidiaries of these project. Every time google remove the previous one from the play store i have to compile the h1dra source with another id and name. But the kernel is from h1dra.

Project home @ XDA-Developers

*** This is the latest build of h1dra ***

Simple download free mp3 music. Its an app for your <3 android <3 smartphone :)

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(Open source library for querying Youtube)

Twitterbotarmy (A small piece of software to create a twitter account automatically)

Currently i've done two system apps which let you block calls and read out your SMS! Now your phone can talk to you ;)

SMS Reminder
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Simple Call Blocker
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Don't use Google. Use Yahoo search. And don't buy an apple!!!

Google banned und killed some of my apps. I hate them!

Currently i'am playing around with a Raspberry Pi. I changed the network interfaces and iptables and got a mobile hotspot ... ;) Additionally i have done a honey trap which let me download your WhatsApp images with this Raspberry Pi. :)

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